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For all of my relatives.

Welcome to my site. My name is Peggy Heath. Life is a wonderful gift, full of precious memories that should never be forgotten. Now these memories can be shared so that you too can enjoy them forever.
I have been borrowing old pictures from some of you  for about two years.  I have edited and repaired most of them, and had intended to make a photo album for those of you that wanted one,  but it takes along time to make just one album, so when I discovered this Website, I thought it was wonderful.
This is a collection of my memories of all of you. From those of my Grandma, to you and your children and grandchildren, we can now share and celebrate the joys and sorrows of our family.
   My love and best wishes to all of you.
The first picture is my great grandmother, Victoria. Her parents were 
Barfields, and her grandparents were Clarks.
John Corbett died in 1925 and Victoria in 1935. They had eight children,
Addie,  twins Tom and John, Joe, Acma Julia, Myrtle, Walter, and Willie who died when he was a baby.  Addie married Walter Morse(or Morris) and they had six children, Sally Rayles, Lee, Richard, (worked with Goldsboro NC police), Malcom, and Floyd who lived in Laurel Maryland. Tom Corbett (twin) had five children, John Jr. married Mattie
and they had one son, Amiziah. Joe Corbett had two sons, and two daughters. Acma Julia Corbett married Henry Vanderburg and they had eight children. Ella Vanderburg Kleinert,(no children), Raymond Vanderburg, married
Ollie Jay White. They had seven children. Louise, Jack, Judy Carol, 

John Earl Vanderburg married Nita Wooten and had one son, Kenneth, 
and two daughters, Barbara and Lilly.
Lloyd Vanderburg married Betty Lou Forrest and they had one child,

 Roland Vanderburg married Clara Lilly, and they had three children, Rolaine, Roland Jr.(Jody), and Amy. 

Mary Susie Vanderburg married Chester Elks, and they had seven children, Peggy, Carl Lee, Henry, Robert, Linda, Danny, and Bobby. 

Thelma Vanderburg married Leroy Smith and they had two daughters, Judy and Paulette, and one son Leroy. After her husband died, she married Henry Suggs and they had a daughter Bessie. 

Pauline Vanderburg married John Rivers, and they had five children, Steve, Phil, Kathy Glen, and Wayne .

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Special Memories
My great Grandmother  

    Victoria Corbett

  My great grandmother's  maiden name was Barfield,  and her grandmother was a Clark.
She married John Corbett and they had eight children, three girls and eight boys.  Her second children were twin boys.  They all survived except her youngest son who died when he was an infant.
   They owned a farm between Snow Hill and Goldsboro. and were one of the first people in the county to get electric lights.

She died 1935.

Grandma's Struggle to Survive  
My Grandmother had eight children, four boys and four girls.  After my grandfather's death in 1934, she became the sole provider for her children.  Her only source of income for herself and her children, was working on tennant farms, raising her on livestock, and growing a garden, so she could can enough food to provide the family with food through the winter months. Her children worked with her in the fields until three of her sons were inducted into
the military during World War II.  By the time the war finally ended, all of her children except Aunt Thelma had married, so she and Thelma still worked on a farm.  Thelma was basically the man of the house.  She plowed fields just as
her brothers had done and worked alongside Grandma when it came time to 
harvest the tobacco and other crops. 
When Aunt Thelma finally fell in love and got married, we finally moved to town
and life got a lot easier. Of course Gramdma and I moved in with them.
Peggy's Photo Album
Peggy Ann, and granddaughter Cierra, and this is the story of my family.
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